Cerificate #: EGS370308
Independent Laboratory
WEIGHT: 0.70 Cts.
Shape: Round
Cut: Very Good
Measurements: 5.42-5.52*3.58
Depth%: 65.40%
Table%: 58.00%
Crown Height: 16.00%
Pavilion Depth: 42.50%
Girdle: Slightly thick to Very thick
Polish: Excellent
Symmetry: Very Good
Cullet: None
Clarity: SI3
Color: H
Fluorescence: Medium
Is clean to the eye from 30 cm distance,

Está limpio para el ojo desde la distancia de 30 cm. Solo láser diluido
This report is based on the information gained from utilizing a variety of gem testing instruments: 10x magnification loupe and microscope, non-contact measuring device, spectroscope systems, master color comparison diamonds, ultraviolet light source, fiber optic illumination, and other instruments.
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