Diamond Engagement Ring Trends in an Uncertain Era

Diamond Engagement Ring Trends in an Uncertain Era

Though the social distance is the need of the hour, can we stay apart from our loved ones? So, what if we are in the middle of a pandemic? It’s high time that you keep your loved ones close and hold on to them tight more than ever. 

For those who have decided not to get dissuaded by the pandemic and seal their relationship with an engagement, here we present some ongoing trends in diamond engagement rings that we believe will remain in vogue in 2021. If you already have something on your mind regarding your engagement ring for the occasion, no worries. Who knows? You may still give it a second thought if you find something more attractive than the one you have already set your eyes on. Read on to find out what’s going to be on the list of would-be brides.

Sealing the Bond of Love with a Personal Touch

The past couple of years marked several uncertainties due to different reasons. Hence, things have been beyond our control. So, when it comes to engagement or marriage in these pandemic times, couples have been keen on having personal touches or things that have a special meaning for the two people in love. A lot of time goes into bringing the individualistic elements together for all things related to the union, and the engagement rings are no exception. Couples looking to leave a stamp of their personality and love on their rings are keen on adding another dimension to the conventional diamond engagement rings. See Diamonds-USA collection.

Delicate personalized ring

Personalized ring

Round-Cut Diamond Rings Continue to Rule

The personalized rings have not yet managed to take the sheen off from the most popular jewelry style in vogue, and that is the round-cut diamond engagement ring. 
The name gives a clear idea of the shape of the rock, which is cut in a particular way that it has 58 facets. These lend it the sparkle, making it easier to spot. It is a classic ring and is unlikely to go out of fashion any time soon. When picking a round-cut diamond ring, one needs to be mindful of the carat sizes. A larger carat weight automatically means that the rock is a big one. The cuts determine how shiny and well-proportioned the rock is. It is a combination of color, carat, and clarity that augers the appeal of the round-cut diamond. 

The aspect of clarity brings the spotlight on eye-clean diamonds, which will never go out of fashion. There are no visible inclusions or blemishes when one looks at the diamond. One needs to give it a closer look when shopping for a diamond engagement ring from a physical store, if possible in daylight, to determine if it is eye clean. Clarity is graded in the range of Flawless (F) to Included (I), with several grades and even-numbered sub-categories.

SI2 clarity diamonds are slightly on the lower side of the scale. But they are not of inferior quality. These diamonds come for an affordable price, and the flaws are hardly visible to the naked eye. Some cases 100% eye clean.

On the other hand, an I1 diamond comes with visible inclusions determined through a jeweler’s loupe with 10X magnification. But one can also see them with the naked eye. Some of the diamond cuts, such as Emerald, Asscher, and even Baguettes make the I1 imperfections more prominent, and the Cushion cut and Oval cut can hide them to some extent. If these inclusions spread across the diamond, they can be complicated to spot. Also, the engagement ring's setting can hide the same.

Breaking the Barrier with Gender Fluid Diamond Engagement Rings 

There has been an increasing trend lately toward choosing gender-fluid rings. Gender fluid jewelry diminishes the lines between masculine and feminine styles. Both styles are blended harmoniously to create rings that both genders can wear, particularly the wedding bands. These gender fluid rings are expected to be much in 2021 and beyond. Thus, the conventional domains of the male and the female merge to create a unisex style of diamond engagement rings.

Delicate diamond Engagement Rings for Today’s Brides Who Prefer Minimalism

Not everyone has the penchant for flaunting a big rock. The comparatively bigger rocks, they say, take away the scope for intricacies. A series of accented diamonds, subtle design elements, and diamond halos add depth to the most minimalistic designs. Thus, when combined with the classic solitaire will continue to be popular in the days to come.

Will Rose Gold Continue to be Favorite in 2021?

Even though rose gold gained popularity in the past decade, yellow gold has made a recent comeback in diamond engagement rings. Thus, yellow gold will shine brighter this year lending its warmth to the symbol of the bond of love of two individuals. It is evident from the choices of some of the eminent figures this year who have opted for yellow gold. 

Care for Some Fancy-Shaped Diamond Rings?

For those who are not willing to go for the traditional round-cut diamond engagement rings, elongated fancy rings are available in diverse shapes to choose from. These include the elongated cushion rings, oval, emerald, pear, marquise, and radiant diamonds that gained in popularity, especially since last year. This trend is likely to continue in the near term.

oval ring

Oval diamond ring

Contoured diamond Engagement Rings to Make a Bold Statement

In recent years, there has been a growing demand for contoured and stacked wedding rings. Hence, they make a one-of-a-kind statement piece. The diamond at the center is what catches the eye first, which is complemented by the additional stones. The stacking of wide and thinner wedding bands will be in vogue in 2021, thus giving a whole new dimension to the diamond engagement rings. 

With the world slowly unlocking and coming to terms with all things lost, the coming together of two people in love is always a joyous celebration that is incomplete without some glitter.

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