Jewelries That You Haven't Paid Much Attention to Last Year

Jewelries That You Haven't Paid Much Attention to Last Year, News 196

Thursday, March 25, 2021

While the world is too caught with their focus on hooked on the newly arrived diamond studs and platinum bracelets, the industry is continuously producing a genre of jewelry that is often overlooked or ignored by the crowd. 2017 presents enough reason for you to pause to look at these pieces that are, for all intents and purposes, both rare and ravishing. It's the year of fashion revival and therefore, old pieces are arguably unfashionable. Each of the pieces named and discussed below have existed for long enough for enthusiasts to know them by their names. Here is a brief illumination on the pieces and how they can elevate your fashion quotient.

Body Chain: So far, you must have seen body chain on actresses and supermodels alone. It is time to usher them from the ramp into your day to day collection. Body chains are extravagant, they are chic and they are quite like nothing you have. Just like shoulder chains, body chains can be worn with deep-cut dresses that show off body jewelries. Body chains are best worn with long gowns with plain necklines. Even a touch of embellishment around the neckline can ruin the show of a body chain. So, keep it simple.

Body Gold chains, the more the better

Thigh Chain: You have seen a garter before, but a thigh chain is definitely a first-time for anybody. These pieces have made its way into the market very recently. Some high fashion jewelry stores have specially designed and launched their own collection of thigh chains to interest women who have a taste for offbeat pieces. Best to go with side-slit gowns and even short skirts, multi-layered thigh chains are what's sending ripples across the market right now. If you want to buy one just for a trial, then go for a single strand chain with some charms.

Golden Thigh Chains

Charm Anklet: Anklets are not new, but gold and platinum ones sure are. Jewelers in 2017 are relaunching these exquisite pieces by bringing to the market a rich collection of precious anklets, some even sprinkled with gemstones. Charm anklets go with pretty much anything from dressy sandals to casual tennis shoes. You can wear them with mid-length skirts, short dresses, paddle pushers and whatnot. Charm anklets are put together with multiple charms hanging from a sleek chain that sits around the stem of the leg. Unlike charm bracelets, these anklets have the advantage of gravity that keeps the charms hanging downward at all times.

Sea mofits anklet charms

Toes Rings: Toe rings are a derivation from tribal jewelries. The tribes in Africa, to this day, have toes rings as one of their everyday jewelries. Gold and platinum toes rings are a novelty in the market. We haven't seen much of these in the last year, but this year, they are everywhere. Toes rings match with both casual and party wear, as long as you are not wearing pumps and peep toes. They normally come in adjustable sizes and are worn between second, third and fourth toes fingers.

Who said we have 10 fingers for rings

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