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0.81 Round natural diamond D VVS1 Ideal-Cut

Manufacturer: Diamonds-USA
0.81 Round natural diamond D VVS1 Ideal-Cut

Cut - Ideal

Ideal Cut diamonds are categorized as the top 3% of diamonds based on the cut quality, reflecting the most amount of light these diamonds have a sparkle rarely seen beauty. Ideal Cuts are the rarest and most brilliant of all diamonds.

Color - D

D Color Diamonds are known as either 'colorless' or 'exceptionally white'. These diamonds are truly amongst the most stunning and brilliant diamonds available. Their rarity adds to their beauty as it does the cost.

Clarity - VVS1

Very Very Small Inclusion 1. Normally only one tiny inclusion can be found under a x10 magnification to the trained eye or experienced gemologist. VVS1 diamonds are very high quality and reasonably rare.

Cut Ideal
Clarity VVS1
Certificate EGL
Clarity Enhanced No
Shape Round
Color D
Girdle Thickness Thin to Thick,Polished
Symmetry Excellent
Fluorescence None
Polish Excellent
Cullet None
Diamond Price
USD 2,950
Diamond Details
Stock Number: 1648511
Shape: Round
Color: D
Clarity: VVS1
Clarity Enhanced: No
Cut: Ideal
Polish: Excellent
Symmetry: Excellent
Carat weight: 0.81
Depth%: 62.7%
Table%: 59.0%
Girdle: Thin to Very Thick
Cullet: None
Measurements: 5.88-5.93*3.71
Crown Height: 14.0%
Pavilion Depth: 42.5%
Issuer: EGL
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0.81 Round natural diamond D VVS1 Ideal-Cut

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