Say Hello to New Halos

Say Hello to new Halo Engagement rings

Between the first halos eversighted on a ring to the last that landed in the market, a galore of designs hasbeen floated out in the market. If you were not keeping an eye out, youprobably missed the evolution of halos from their vintage to modern forms.However, there is no reason to feel down about that because we have for you apiece that updates you on all the significant halo styles seen in the recentyears. From halos that give our stone a size leverage to those that glamorizeyour ring, the market has all kinds to appeal to your senses.

The Sparkling Halo

The most ordinary version ofhalo, this one features a single row of diamonds that line up around the centerstone to create an extra row of radiance. As much simple and skinny this styleis, it is very sparkling in its final effect. So, if you want to adorn yourring with something extra that is not an overkill, this is definitely worth atry.


The Vintage Milgrain Halo

Among vintage halos, the milgrainis the most popular. The milgrain form has a great light catching quality whichenhances the brilliance of the ring while breathing in a vintage feel to it.The frame of the halo can be shaped to anything of your choosing, dependingupon the cut of the gem used. This style is truly breathtaking and the glitterquotient of it is hard to surpass unless of course you have in mind a doublerow halo or something that is as ornate as that. The graceful flow of thisdesign lends the ring a special vintage character.


The Lotus Halo

If botanical themes are yourall-time favorite, then this subtle halo is a perfect pick. Designed like aflower, this delicate halo blooms around the center stone giving the gem abloom that is both gorgeous and sophisticate. This exquisite design works greatfor both modern and vintage styles of rings.


The Pave-Set Halo

On the intricate side, we have apave-set halo that shines so intensely and spells so much grandeur that it ishard to equal it to anything that you have seen before. French paving ofdiamonds on the halo leave a dazzling effect whereas the plain contouring ofthe gem does not leave much room for the halo to slide over to the overly showyside.


The Wavy Halo

Those looking to make a littledistinction with their halo rings will find this design very helpful. Insteadof the traditional circle, this halo goes around in a wave which makes itdistinctly different from most. The gentle curves make the design exceptionalfrom all angles. To take it a notch higher, you can include a surprise rowaround the halo for an extra effect.


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