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Diamonds-USA Satisfaction Policy

At Diamonds-USA we believe in total and customer satisfaction.Our management and customer service team work hard to ensure our customers are always happy, and regularly return for anniversaries and recommend our company to friends and family.

Our business has grown on this concept which is why we pioneered the 'Satisfaction Guarantee' often copied but never duplicated by our rivals,our guarantee is a true no questions asked full refund / replacement policy if you’re not 100% satisfied.

After years in the business building our brand, credibility and customer loyalty, we've developed three unbeatable satisfaction guarantees:

Extending the 10 Days Return - No Questions Asked

We give you 10 days from the day you signed for the package to inspect it. The item is then yours to keep and love forever.

We understand that sometimes it can take longer than 10 days to bond with a new diamond. We also know that in certain situations a ring is not'given' immediately and satisfaction can be longer to attain. We also know of a number of other reasons why a decision on a specific diamond may later not be right. This is why we've come up with the extended 20 Days Return Policy - No questions asked.


Simply call or email us and we will extend the inspection period for the needed.



Life-Time Upgrade Policy


There's only one thing we love more than diamonds, and that'sour customers. Over the years we've served stunning diamond jewelry in equal numbers to new and returning customers. Commonly people like to upgrade an engagement ring diamond years later when the family finances and life style allow for more sparkle and shine. Other times settings are loved but diamond scan always be improved. We give lifetime upgrade plan for certified diamonds. Read terms in our Term & Conditions



Jewelry Guarantee


We create jewels-mainly engagement rings- to the highest finish quality, we use goldsmiths and setters of the highest proficiency, see below picture:


Nevertheless we give 1 year guarantee for all products including rings:

Guarantee for Cracks:

If within one year of purchase a crack will appear for no reason, we will exchange the ring or repair it to a new condition.

Guarantee for loosing pave set diamond off your ring:

If within one year of purchase a small side diamond will fall we will send you a replacement diamond free of charge to insert it locally.

David Braverman

Third generation Family owned business


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