4 Secrets to Customizing an Engagement Ring

Although there are plenty of ideas and formulas out there that supposedly work great for custom-making engagement rings, there are also some secrets to this task. But regrettably, seldom do people divulge these secrets of custom ring making. If you are looking for some tried and tested ways of fashioning a ring, I’m about to spill some secrets that work every time. There are four secretes of custom-making engagement rings that always dial up the cosmetic quotient to twofold. Whether you’ve a complicated design in mind, or something simple and elegant, these secrets are of great help in designing a spectacular ring.

Colors and Their Meanings
If you thought that the color is all that matters in gemstones, then you are only scratching the surface. There are more reasons than you can count for selecting a stone and rejecting another. However, for now, let’s go into the aspect of color. Every gemstone has a color of its own, leaving out that are clear. Each of these colors symbolizes something.

If you can decode the meaning of a particular color in the marital context, then you will have tapped into an infinite reserve of possibilities of making the ring rich in meaning. With every color you choose, the ring gets doused in a symbolic meaning. For instance, a teal sapphire is a symbol of love that is as endless as the ocean, emerald for trust and harmony, pink for femininity and delicateness and so on and so forth.

You can go by the birthstone if your fiancé’s birthstone is a favorite of her. In other words, thinking beyond gemstones. Consider the color and try to find out the real meaning hidden behind it. So, let the color be the clue to finding the right rock for the ring.

Numbers That Are Meaningful
Confounded by the enormous range of choices in ring designs? Find an element outside this to help you decide. For instance, if you are confused about the number of gems you want on the ring, pick a number that’s significant to her.
For example, if the ring wears the same number of rings as her birthday, it sends a special message.

Alternately, you can choose a number which holds some meaning to the two of you, such as the day you meet, the number of years you are together and such. If your anniversary is in March, then a three-stone engagement ring makes a good choice.

Similarly, depending on the day your anniversary is, you can customize the ring to have a halo feature similar number of stones on it. Those completing 10 years choose to adorn the ring with that many stones for accenting.
The number doesn’t always have to be a certain date. You can use your imagination to customize the ring to have any number as long as it holds a special meaning or memory for the two of you. It’s a nice of way of hiding a surprise within the ring which she might uncover later with or without your help.
If the gesture goes unnoticed altogether, don’t lose your hear. Just clue her in.

Nuances That Bear a Sentimental Weight
An engagement ring is an artefact of great sentimental value. Women do not like to part with this one ornament, even when the offer is for a new one. So, it makes sense to design it such that it evokes a memory or at least an emotion.
Now achieving that may seem like a pretty complicated job, but is actually not quite. There are little details that you can introduce in the design of a ring to achieve this.

A vintage design is a good way to add sentimental value to the ring as it invokes the memory of the past years. If your bride-to-be has a married couple in the family in some past generations that she really looks up to, then a vintage design is a good way to complete the arc. However, you can always include subtle details in the ring to trigger small and more recent memories.

Even a little engraving at the back of the ring in some ancient runes or a stylish font is a nice way to personalize the ring with a hidden message that is meant for the eyes of the wearer alone. 
Take a quick read through the motifs commonly seen in engagement rings and their meanings to find something that seems fitting for this kind of effect.

The Message in Gemstones
Gemstones, like their colors, mean something more than just their material value. Every gem has a symbolic value which asserts itself when the gem is put on an engagement ring. So, before selecting a gem for your ring, read through gems and their symbolic meanings.

This is a relatively old concept that the 19th century people used to follow to pick a gemstone for engagement rings. They called it “language of gemstones” and using that, they used to design engagement and wedding rings.
There are plenty of ways in which you can play with your choice of gems in an engagement ring. If the ring to tell your bride-to-be that she is the dearest to you, adorn it with diamonds, emeralds, amethysts, rubies, emeralds, sapphires and topaz. Join the initials of these gems and what you have is the word, “dearest”.
Similarly, you can make the ring spell out her pet name with the gems it carries. 

In symbols, every gemstone has a special significance. Diamonds stand for romance and true love. Similarly, emerald stands for steadfastness and harmony. Likewise, every gemstone has a special meaning.

If you are worried about finding these meanings, then drop your worries now, for the Internet has all the answers. Just Google the meanings of gemstones and you will find charts and tables of gemstones and their meanings.
There is no set rules that you have to stick to these four ways to make great customization to your ring. Be creative as you go.
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