A Complete Guide to Diamonds Care importance

Diamonds are one of nature’sfinest creations. Both absurdly beautiful and expensive, a diamond is everygirl’s dream. From extracting diamonds in their rough form to processing theminto ready gems, the stones undergo a series of treatments that involve cutting,chipping, heating, cooling, polishing and more. But, after everything, thefinal version that comes to us bears no sign of the prior wear and tear. Theylook sparkling, delicate and dainty. But to keep them as they are, users needto adopt care and caution, because as hard as a diamond is, it is still proneto nicks and dirt accumulation. They truly are as delicate as they appear. So,here is a routine that can help you preserve your diamonds and improve theirlongevity as best as possible.

Storing the Sparklers

How you store your diamonds isimportant to two things- their condition and safety. For security reasons, mostpeople like to put them inside a closed vault. That satisfies the safetyconcerns, but no such much on the preservation part. To make sure that yourdiamonds stay as beautiful as they were when you bought them, you are requiredto store them in a protective box before keeping it somewhere safe. A fabriclined jewelry organizer is a great place to store them to ensure that they arenot exposed to damaging abrasion or tension. Never cram everything in onecompartment.

Way to Handle Diamonds

How you handle your diamondsdetermine how long they will hold on their luster and shine. Dirt and grimeaffect diamonds worse than you know. So, clean your hands always beforehandling your diamonds. Never touch your diamonds with unclean hands afterworking with dirt. Even creams and lotions can dim the shine of diamonds. So,make sure to take off all your jewelry before you start to makeup or apply yourskincare products. However, jewelries are hard to protect from sweat and dust.
When dirt accumulates underneath the diamond it loses most of itsbrilliance and the imperfections become visible, see the real pictures below.

To make up for them, you want todo the read the next point.


Diamond set in a ring top view, before and after cleaning, carbon spot visible only before. 

 Diamond set in a ring side view, before and after cleaning


Keep Them Clean

Shine your diamonds every now andthen. You can’t protect them from dirt and dust always. But, with a littlecleaning, you can revive the shine and luster just fine. One trick is to dipthem in lukewarm soap water and brush them clean. This always brings back theextra sparkle seen in stores. Clean your baubles at home every once in a while,and never wear them at the time of taking a shower or swim. Your everydayjewelries like engagement rings, ear studs, pendants, tennis bracelets and suchitems should be washed once every week. Also, send them for professionalcleaning once every year. Force cleaning is extremely effective in shining updiamonds. But do make sure that none of your jewelries are too old to endurethe professional cleaning procedures.

But, do not overdo it.Professional cleaning has best results when done once a year.

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