Wear Talisman Rings To Weave Magic In Your Life

Jewelry has been around for ages with the magnificent gemstones embedded in precious metals being held in awe and reverence since time immemorial. Beauty does not lie in the eyes of the beholder when it comes to jewelry though. Everyone is mesmerized by it! However, the talisman rings account for something extra instead of being mere adornments. They hold the power to make or break and are usually worn as charms.

The word had been derived from the Greek term ‘teleo’ meaning to accomplish. However, the word has becomes synonymous with magical power through the ages. Hence, you can anchor the charm fashioned into a ring made out of 18k or 14k gold. It is thought to bring stability to your life and is known to be inspired by the Greek Goddess Eos. The Stills rings resembling a chain of wheat is believed to influence the chain of life. It is also Greek in origin and is often worn with other rings.

wide ring with wheat motif all around

A chain of wheat ring

The five metal rings have been in vogue for long too with the devout Jews believing in its potency. It brings success to the wearer with Jupiter influencing the growth and development. The ring cannot be made arbitrarily though. The top layer needs to be of pure gold with the subsequent layers made out of lead, tin, and copper respectively. The 5
th metal happens to be silver that forms the main entire structure.

Osiris and Ra protect the wearer of the Bennu according to the ancient Egyptian mythology. It resembles the heart and is fashioned out of various precious metals often being embellished with rubies, sapphire and diamonds as well. The solid silver knot ring is highly popular among Tibetans and Buddhist monks who aspire to learn the meaning of life. It is usually made out of solid silver preferably Sterling Silver of the highest purity.

Osiris and Ra Egyptian protectors on a ring with black enamel

Osiris and Ra ring

A solid silver skull ring remains popular with the young crowd who are charmed by the Gothic culture. The Arabic Talisman ring made out of gold and featuring a huge ruby is a totem of the benevolent jinn Ashtakh who helps the wearer to become all powerful. This kind of ring is usually handmade and a rarity, often fetching a great price at auctions.

Folktales abound about the totems, charms and talisman jewelry. However, the innate power of the gemstones cannot be ignored when you think about the power of the rings either. The idea gave importance to birthstones with a particular gem being associated with a month. The wearer feels safe and confident by wearing the ring that contains his/her birthstone therefore. The rings are given as gifts on birthdays, anniversaries and graduations thereby making it one of the fastest selling talisman rings of the world. The red ruby is mesmerizing no doubt and indicates passion, the color red is also the color of love and a ruby is gifted to a loved one as well as worn by an individual who hopes to remain free from sickness.

A colorless diamond that dazzles the eye and evokes greed, wonder and lust is the most powerful stone that strengthens relationships and bring mental clarity as well as love into your life. The emerald, on the other hand, will bring you money and love at the same time and is a stone that is associated with abundance. The protective influence of the moonstone cannot be negated, however. It is thought to be particularly soothing for women who are known for being hyper. The stone can calm them down and heal after child birth too. It is the classic pearl that is the ultimate gem of femininity though. They are thought to be pure as well. Go for the sapphire in whatever color you fancy if you seek to be positive for ever.

 Get your talisman gemstone set in gold, silver or platinum and wear it on your person to bring out all your hidden qualities to the fore while banishing the evil spirits hovering around you.  

Birth stones by the months, January to December

Birth stones table

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