Engagement Ring Trends in the Covid-19 Era

Engagement Ring Trends in the Covid-19 Era

Engagement Ring Trends in the Covid-19 Era

In 2020, the world came upon an uncertain time. Being unprepared, the pandemic took us all by surprise and hit us hard. Economies took a downward spiral, and personal finances came out hurt and bruised from the worldwide loss of jobs and stock market tumble. But life doesn’t stop with these events. It goes on, and thankfully so. That’s why amidst the news of disease and unrest and other things unpleasant, we see ahead line or two that brings a flicker of hope to our hearts, and those are news of lovers getting engaged or people tying knots in private. That goes to show,no matter how despairing a time we find ourselves, love of the human heart will always trump. 

Speaking of engagement and happy things, if you are stuck at home with your significant other, or are stuck apart by the pandemic, now is a good time to make the relationship official and get engaged. Pop the question at home with a jaw-dropping sparkler. But what of money, you might think. There is a way around the usual lofty prices of engagement rings.

Different times call for different options. Whether we like it or not, we are in a time where responsibility is paramount. We need to act responsibly as members of society and also in managing our own finances. The good news is none of that demands sacrificing the biggest plans of your life, like your engagement.

Even in this era of pandemic, you can propose with a stunning ring, as long as you are making a financially responsible choice, and for that, options are many.

Clarity enhanced diamonds have rose to the occasion to save buyers the pocket pinch of untreated diamonds.Cheap and stunning, these sparklers are making engagement rings significantly cheap. Add to that a few hacks of saving money when buying engagement rings,and you will have a decent workable recipe for buying exquisite engagement rings for less. More on that ahead.

Saving Tip #1

So, the first tip to saving money when buying engagement rings is to make adjustments on the diamond carat.Although clarity enhanced diamonds make cheap engagement rings the carat size still matters where price is concerned.Say if your partner is not too hung up on the carat size, you can save big on the purchase and yet get a grand ring by opting for a small stone.

A .40 carat makes a lot of room for other things. The smaller the size of the stone, the higher you can go on clarity, color and cut. A small diamond of high-quality casts a far greater appeal than a large diamond of visibly low quality.

Plus, if the stone appears small to you, there are ways of making it big to the eyes. Put it in a halo and watch the diamond grow twice in size and sparkle, at only less than half the cost. See image 1 below

 Imagen 1) Centro de 0.30 quilates en un anillo de compromiso barato por Diamonds-USA

Image 1) 0.30 carat center in a cheap engagement ring by Diamonds-USA

Saving Tip #2

Now comes clarity enhanced diamonds. Say you are not willing to compromise on the diamond size, because after all what is an engagement ring without a rock on it. You can still buy a big rock at a responsible price. Pick from the clarity enhanced section at Diamonds-USA. These are natural earth-made diamonds, and they look extraordinary. So,what’s the rub?

Clarity enhanced diamonds, as the name says are treated diamonds.These are diamonds from the lower end of the clarity grades that have been artificially improved upon to look higher grade. So, stones with visible inclusions and flaws are treated to look eye clean. So, although these diamonds are not born perfect, they have been made perfect through fracture filling or as is called clarity enhancement. These are also called Yehuda diamonds.

Saving Tip#3

To achieve a cheap engagement ring go to the light weight rings department, rings that will be 2-3 grams
Rather than the big heavy weights of 5-7 grams, furthermore, the delicate band rings are in trend now! See image 2 below:

Anillo de compromiso delgado y barato de Diamonds-USA
Image 2) Thin and cheap engagement ring by Diamonds-USA


A Closer Look at Clarity Enhanced Diamonds 

But before you go forth and grab the largest enhanced diamond you can find, here is a quick read about these diamonds.

Natural, these diamonds are mined from deep under the earth like all other diamonds. But these, unlike some others are not perfect, or near-perfect. These diamonds carry some natural inclusions which make them low-brow. But being natural diamonds, these too are precious to be wasted. So, the industry found some very precise ways to polish them up to look as sparkling and perfect as their high-end counterparts.

For that these diamonds are injected with clear and composite materials in the places of inclusions, or feathers as they are called. These materials fill up the veins and cracks making the diamonds appear clear and perfect. The techniques are aimed to visually improve the clarity grade of the diamonds by a minimum of two grades.That makes these diamonds comparable with stones twice their price or those well above their clarity grade.

Diamonds-USA has a huge gallery of clarity enhanced diamonds where you will find diamonds of all clarity grades. For your assurance,Diamonds-USA offers a life-time guarantee on all its enhanced diamonds. In an event where the clarity fades or anything at all happens to them, they will redo the enhancements, no questions asked.

Enhanced diamonds are getting more and more popular every day,especially in the engagement ring genre. The 2-carat range is the most coveted range in this section. And for the price they come, these are a steal.

But in case you are concerned about their results under magnification, here is what you should know. Visibly cheap engagement rings featuring clarity enhanced diamonds are indistinguishable from those with unenhanced diamonds. They have the same sparkle, same fire and same scintillation. Only a jeweler will be able to tell it apart, only when held under a magnifying glass.

All clarity enhanced diamonds are certified. They come with a detailed certificate of quality that features the grade of the diamond, post-enhancement.So, no chances of getting embarrassed there.

So, this year, celebrate the love and passion you cherish in your heart for her by popping up the big question with a stunner engagement ring from the cheap engagement rings section which does not burn a hole in your pocket but definitely get a joyous yes from her.

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