How to Choose Princess Cut Diamonds on a Budget?

How to Choose Princess Cut Diamonds on a Budget?

Princess cut diamonds are the crowning stones of the engagement jewelry section. This brilliant cut, since its first day, has garnered enormous attention and ruled over the hearts of millions since. Seconding round cut in popularity, princess cut diamonds are loved for their blazing sparkle and scintillation, both being the USPs of a brilliant cut. Unsurprisingly, the Princess comes for a price that exceeds most other cuts by a fair distance. At this point, a princess cut diamond is the second most expensive stones in diamonds, a reality that has inhibited many from adding one to their collection.
But, by a few tricks and tips, you manage to square up the price to a doable figure and in the process, squirrel away a part of the budget for some fruitful purpose. Let’s take a look at what features you must look for in princess cut diamonds that can bring down the price and not the quality of a diamond.

Slightly Included 1 to Very Slightly Included 2
Should you choose a Princess that doesn’t cost much but is of a fairly good quality, you should stick within this bracket? Now, the names slightly and very slightly included may act as an instant turnoff, but they are worth a look. If you, like most people, have a prejudice against anything lesser than the flawless variety, then you are in for a lot of unwise investment. The slightly included section offers Princess cut diamonds that have inclusions not visible to untrained eyes. As for very slightly included, the flaws are even milder. This makes the best range to pick from to accommodate grade and price in a see-saw motion.

Color between F and G
Most people find the presence of a slight hue in their diamonds desirable. If you agree with them, then the slots F and G have loads of choices for you. Understandably, the Princess cut diamonds in the F category is more transparent as opposed to those in the later one. So, if you are in love with completely achromatic stones, pick from the F or upper categories. For a little touch of color, go down from G-H. Meanwhile, those in between can enjoy a heavy discount on their stones just for choosing their picks from this bracket.

Very Good to Excellent Cut
There is no need to exercise compromise in choosing the grade of cut. If you are buying Princess cut diamonds, then it is imperative that you pick from the topmost grades. Very Good and Excellent categories both are premium idea cuts. They have the best symmetry and polish possible. Feel free to pick from this range without worrying about the price surge.
There are some other parameters to look out for when making your pick of princess cut diamonds to keep the price down. The depth and table of the stone should both be between 58 to 72%. Lastly, choose Princess  stones that have no more than Medium fluorescence to ensure full clarity and high reflectivity.

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