The Big Mexican Wedding Along with Its Key Rituals

The Big Mexican Wedding Along with Its Key Rituals

Mexican weddings are grand affairs. The wedding officially begins when the to-be-wed couple zeroes down on their padrinos, or who we call “sponsors” in English. In this case, they are the godmothers and godfathers of either or both. It refers to sponsors together with the father of the bride who set the wedding budget and pays for the events’ moving parts. Once the money matters get settled, it is the turn for the bride to shine. She steps in and gets things moving by picking colors, deciding themes, curating the menu, and hitting the ground running for the big event. That aside, it all starts with the groom popping the big question with a gorgeous Mexican engagement ring

The Padrinos 

In Mexico, the godparents or padrinos play a pivotal role in the wedding. They are the cardinal figures to whom people look up for guidance and support. The godparents extend mentorship and support to the to-be-wed duo by standing by them from engagement to wedding and through their married life. 

Now, the concept of godparents or padrinos in a Mexican wedding is not as simple as you might think. One has to select the godparent, and their selection is part of the wedding preparation. So, once the groom proposes a Mexican engagement ring, the search for the padrinos starts, sometimes even before. 

Padrinos from both sides involve deeply in the wedding, so both the bride and the groom need to pick their respective pair of padrios. The padrinos for the wedding get selected from their extended families and closest kin. Sometimes, friends of the bride and groom play the role of padrinos in a wedding. 

If the wedding is big or alternately finances are tight, the bride and groom are at liberty to pick more than just two godparents on their sides. However, since the padrinos are the most important members of the wedding next to the nuptial couple, care needs to be exercised in picking them because their involvement extends beyond the wedding. Through all of their married life, the padrinos remain close to the family. While the involvement of both could be the same, it is the godmother or “la madrina de velacion” who plays a significant role in offering counsel and guidance to the bride in her marriage.

Asidefrom financial support and advice, there are other ways Los padrinos are knownto play their part in the wedding of their godchildren. Their duties go wellbeyond monetary matters. They can officiate the wedding in a few ways.Sometimes, it’s the padrinos who delegate the wedding staff and organize them.They make a payment towards décor and recreation, making sure that the weddingbanquet gets decked to perfection, the wedding flowers are tucked in all theright places, and the bridal bouquet is arranged and readied before the ringexchange. They also take charge of things like photography, food and beverage,reception of the guests, and such.


Likein Christian weddings where the son or daughter of the couple follows the brideto the altar, holding the wedding rings, in Mexican weddings, that honor goesto the padrinos. Being the guests of honor, they play that part to escort thebride to the altar and present the rings when the time for exchanging themarrives. However, this part is not mandatory. The godparents can volunteer todo it or choose to sit with the rest of the guests and enjoy witnessing theceremony from their seats. 


Anotherof their duties is signing as witnesses to the union. So, at the time ofregistry, or registration, it is the godparents who sign in the place ofwitnesses completing the sacred union. Once the wedding is over, they foreverbecome a part of the marriage, taking the newlyweds under their wing andwatching over for the rest of their lives.


TheWedding Décor

Mexican wedding decor
Mexican Wedding decor is colorful


Asidefrom the fact that the wedding commences with a beautiful Mexicanengagement ring, Mexican weddings do not have much in commonwith weddings in other cultures.


Sincemost of us have not been party to weddings of other cultures, it remains athing of curiosity. So, what’s a Mexican wedding like, many of you may wonder.Well, for one, Mexican wedding decoration is unique, and it is one of the firstthings that sets it apart from weddings in other cultures. The hallmark of aMexican wedding is a warm color palette. The theme, the décor, the trousseau,everything exudes a colorful vivacity which is in sharp contrast to whiteweddings that are the signature of Christian weddings although scenes arechanging there too these days. 


Traditionally,Mexican brides carry a bouquet of white or eggshell flowers for the event, butnow and then, someone adds a touch of color to it by adding a blush of pinkflowers or tropical orchids to the arrangement. The use of brightly coloredtropical orchids in the décor is another new addition to the tradition of thewhite rose décor that was more common in the yesteryears. 

Asfor the bride’s costume, she likes to keep it simple. So white is the color formost brides. It is done on purpose, to spark a striking contrast with themélange of colors that mark the decoration. Surrounded by a mix of warm andbright colors, the white gown of the bride makes her appear elegant andbeautiful. Even the Mexican engagement ring, she likes it to havesome bearing of their culture and heritage, whether in the form of the color,gem, engraving, or anything else.


Flowersare a significant part of the Mexican wedding décor. They are used to adorn thecolumns, the backgrounds, the entryway, the arbor, the seats, the tables, andthe pews. Elaborate floral displays are around the altar and foyer. Hence, thatmakes them the focal point of the vent. Sometimes, flowers decors areinterrupted by bright balloons, buntings, and even paper flags. All these add atouch of freshness and vibrancy that is so uncommon in Western weddings. 


Atthe tables, flower centerpieces are a standard. Wedding favors are garnishedwith flowers matching the dress of the bride. 

Theguest count is huge in Mexican weddings. Sometimes, the entire neighborhood isinvited addition to friends and relatives. With lots of fanfare, cheer, andmerry visuals, Mexican weddings are memorable events. 


Mexican bride's  bouquet

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