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Custom Engagement rings Using CAD
Until recently, Computer-aided design (CAD) was an expensive technology reserved to the aerospace and automobile industries. Today, specialist computer software can create precise custom designs in 3D of your custom Engagement rings. Sophisticated ArtCAM equipment automatically carves your own custom engagement rings design directly onto wax models for casting. This allows for elaborate custom engagement rings design that would be impossible to draw by hand.

CAD Design System and Diamonds-USA
This new and exciting service allows our customers to create their own Custom Engagement Rings according to taste and specification. Once we receive sketches or images of your desired custom engagement ring, we create a 3D representation of it and send it to you by email for confirmation or further modifications.

Steps in your custom Engagement rings design:

We estimate the cost and put the ring online with temporary sketches/pictures
You put the order online.

After that we computerize a 3D model tailored to your center diamond.

Next step we will show you the wax models from 4 angles (the green rings in the picture below).

We will make amendments as many times as needed to make it to your liking.
Will show you the amended green models for your approval.

If after all the above steps you will end not ordering the ring , there will be US$220 charge
To cover part of our costs for trying to create your custom engagement ring.

Customizing engagement ring steps from sketch to finished ring

Do you remember how excited you were when he popped the question? Your heart skipped a beat and your whole world was turned upside down for a moment. Well, you have not even experienced half the excitement yet! Wait until it comes to designing the ring!

The advantages of designing your own ring

There is a plethora of online jeweler companies offering a huge variety of engagement rings. You have the choice of all kinds of settings and different types of diamonds to choose from. However difficulties may arise when it comes to settling on a ring that is exactly right for you. After all, too much variety is not necessarily a good thing.
Designing your own ring can solve this problem easily as you are in control of the ring itself from the very beginning. You do not need to be a jewelryexpert to do this. All you need to know are the basic rules of diamonds, including cut, clarity, color and carat, you need to be sure about your budget and, most importantly you need to know what kind of ring will suit your hand. The process can be enjoyable because it gives you a large extent of participation in the making of the most exciting and special piece of jewelry you will ever own. Furthermore, the engagement ring is not only a reflection of the love you share with your partner, it is also a true expression of your individuality and style as a woman. So who better to deign it than you?
The fantastic thing about designing your own ring is that you can blend different types of settings with the diamond of your choice. You may prefer the simplicity and elegance of a solitaire engagement ring or you might wish for something a little more unique like yellow diamond ring. Whatever you choose, the diamond is meant to highlight the special occasion for which it is being worn so make sure it demonstrates how you feel about your big day.
Once you know what kind of diamond shape is best for you, build the ring together, as a couple. It may or may not be the first investment you make together, but it is truly an exciting investment. So make it your own from the very beginning.

***Exclusive at Diamonds-USA, all engagement rings in any color & any metal

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