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Clarity Enhanced Diamonds - The Meeting Point of Top-Grade Aesthetics and Cheap diamonds Pricing

Moissanite-The diamond alternative in engagement rings

Lab grown diamonds. Man Made real diamonds.

In diamonds, there are two varieties, untreated and treated diamonds. While both are natural diamonds, the latter kind is processed for clarity enhancement in the laboratories. Diamonds that carry visible spots and lines are treated to reduce the flaws before they are used in jewelries. Those gems that go through the clarity enhancement process are called treated diamonds. The treatment leaves the stones looking expensive and high-grade from the outside. However, the clarity enhancement processes can do little to really diminish the cracks and lines present in the crystals. As a result of the presence of blemishes and inclusions, these stones are far conservatively priced than the diamonds of higher grades.

Another great choice to keep your cheap engagement ring is using Lab Grown Diamonds:
like natural diamonds, are made of carbon and therefore have the same crystal and chemical properties. These diamonds made in laboratories have identical sparkle, fire and scintillation which make them inseparable from the mined variety.

Myths about Clarity Enhanced Diamonds Busted

Because of abundance of misinformation and some very wrong preconceptions, clarity enhanced diamonds are often confused with Moissanite stones or the lab-made diamonds. Treated diamonds are as natural as untreated diamonds. The only difference with their untreated equivalents is the heavy presence of inclusions and flaws. The clarity enhancement treatment is conducted to reduce the visibility of these imperfections to give the stones a seemingly cleaner appearance. Once again, the treatments rarely diminish the flaws, but only reduce their appearance rendering them invisible to untrained eyes.

Treatments for Clarity Enhancement

A jeweler has several methods at his disposal to counter the problem of visible flaws in diamonds. One of the most commonly applied method is laser drilling. In this procedure, a laser ray is used to remove the inclusions from inside. It’s very effective in eliminating specks and points of discoloration. Another very popular treatment is fracture filling. In this process, the lines and fractures inside the diamonds are filled up by injecting a glass-like substance in the veins of the stones. This gives the stones a seemingly perfect appearance under bright light. The substance applied to the diamond is used in such microscopic quantity that it makes no change to the natural weight of the stone. These are clarity enhanced diamonds.

Clarity Enhanced Diamonds in Jewelries

Clarity enhanced diamonds are in wide use in jewelries. These stones are seen everywhere, and the reasons for that are their aesthetic appeal and merge pricing. These beautiful sparkling gems are used in cheap engagement rings, necklaces, ear studs, body chains and in pretty much all kinds of ornaments that can use diamonds. They look like any other diamond, except that they are surprisingly inexpensive. Clarity enhanced diamonds bring down the prices of jewelries by a wide margin making them pocket-friendly and easy purchases for buyers from all classes.

Diamonds USA is one of the jewelry stores that heavily endorses clarity enhanced diamonds, aside with GIA high priced diamonds. Very recently, it has put together the most spectacular line of clarity enhanced diamond jewelries that has given the buyers whole new perspective at these stones. The collection is replete with expensive-looking fine jewelry that are tagged with out and out low prices. Here are some exclusive choices from their treated cheap diamond range that Diamonds USA might interest you into. 

On Moissanites, the New Rival of Diamonds

Moissanites are big on trend in the jewelry industry.Sparkly, brilliant and tough, these stones are taking over the market and changing the interests of the masses. A recent discovery, this brilliant and beautiful stone comes from space rocks, more specifically meteors that fall on earth. On account of their origin, moissanites are a responsible choice, both environmentally and socially. Bonus is, it is every bit as gorgeous as a diamond. So, what’s the rub? A moissanite is many times cheaper than a diamond.

If moissanites have caught your attention too and you are wondering if they would make good investments, then here are answers to some commonly asked questions about moissanite.

Are Moissanites Suitable for Engagement Rings?

Moissanite is arguably one of the most suitable stones you will find for engagement rings right now. There is a rock-solid reason for that. Moissanite is a hard stone. With a score of 9.25 on Mohs scale, it is second to diamond in hardness and officially one of the hardest substances tobe found on planet earth. That makes it a fitting stone to put on engagement rings which are daily wear items and are therefore perpetually exposed to wear and tear. For an engagement ring you need something durable and a moissanite fits that bill perfectly.

Telling a Moissanite from a Diamond

If you are worried that others would be able to spot you wearing a moissanite and not a diamond, then you can relax. Diamonds and moissanites are very close, visually. One can pass for another to any untrained eyes. In fact, the similarities are so over whelming that only jewelers and those who handle gems professionally can tell the two apart.

They both are colorless; they both sparkle brilliantly and they both are hard. But on a second thought, you don’t need to let others take your moissanite for diamond, given that moissanite is such a huge fad globally right now.

However, if you are interested in the differences, then they are color and sparkle. Diamonds often bear a yellowish tinge which moissanites don’t. Also, moissanites sparkle more intensely than diamonds. But in no way ismoissanite a replica of diamonds.

So, What Are Moissanites?

Despite their likeness to diamonds, moissanites are not diamond imposters. They are not imitation diamond as some would call them.Moissanite is a different stone and can be at best called a diamond alternative. The language used for moissanite on the Internet can be a bit confusing but it is important to remember than this is a different type of gemstone and should therefore be seen that way .

Those made in the labs are man made versions of moissanite.Their beauty and physical properties are close to diamonds, but the two are no tone and the same. All said, moissanites are the most fitting fine jewelry gemstone the market has right now. So, if you are looking to divert from the mainstream diamond fashion, moissanite is a good option to dip your toes into something extraordinary and different.


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Moissanite engagement ring


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