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Compare ImagesCaratColorClarity CutCertificatePriceDetails
0.82GVS2   EGL USD 2,030 View
0.80JVS1 Ideal GIA USD 2,133 View
1.00FSI2   EGL USD 2,184 View
0.59GVVS2 Ideal GIA USD 2,199 View
0.85FVS2   EGL USD 2,206 View
0.96DSI2   EGL USD 2,251 View
0.91FSI1   EGL USD 2,280 View
1.02ESI2   EGL USD 2,320 View
1.01FVS2 C.E Ideal EGS/EGL USD 2,450 View
1.04FSI2   EGL USD 2,466 View
0.90JVS1 Ideal GIA USD 2,477 View
1.06ESI2   EGL USD 2,518 View
0.70GVS1   GIA USD 2,525 View
0.71EVVS1   GIA USD 2,525 View
0.72FVVS1   GIA USD 2,525 View
1.01HVS1   EGL USD 2,528 View
0.82FSI2   GIA USD 2,535 View
0.87IIF   GIA USD 2,538 View
0.81GSI1 Ideal GIA USD 2,552 View
0.90GVS1   EGL USD 2,555 View
0.70DSI1   GIA USD 2,584 View
0.70FVS2   GIA USD 2,590 View
0.76FVS2   GIA USD 2,660 View
0.80GSI1   GIA USD 2,662 View
0.90ISI1   GIA USD 2,673 View
0.73FVS1   GIA USD 2,683 View
0.75GVVS2   GIA USD 2,691 View
0.70FVVS2   GIA USD 2,695 View
0.79FVS1   GIA USD 2,728 View
0.80HVS1   GIA USD 2,730 View
Page 3 of 15 (447 total) < 1 2 3 4 5 > ... >>

An emerald cut diamonds shape is usually rectangular. The flat planes of the outside edges allow for a variety of side stones shapes typical pairings would be two or three side baguettes,two half-moons,and other smaller emeralds,but not trillions, as their sparkle makes the center emerald cut look flat.The length-to-width ratio of an Emerald Cut Diamond should be between 1.5:1 to 1.75:1.

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Emerald cut diamond, loose and set in halo ring

Emerald Cut Diamond 

Enriched with features that contribute to its mesmerizing beauty, emerald diamond has been embraced by an overwhelming number of women owing to their elegance, versatility and timelessness. The cut is loaded with a spirit of royalty and feminism, not found in any other fancy cut diamonds. The cut is rectangular in shape and is accompanied by an eye-catchy truncated corners, flat and large facets and beautifully executed step cuts. Their unique identity lies in the hall of mirror effect which can be discerned when viewed from the top. An emerald diamond may not possess the fire and brilliance of the brilliant cuts, but they have a subtle charm, a soft sparkle unlike any other. 
As far as the history of the emerald cut diamonds goes, there is no authentic record of how it came into existence. Some link has been found with the single table cuts and the multi-faceted table cuts of the early 20th century Art Deco Period. In those periods, a particular cut was recognized by different names. In many ways, the cut was related to the emerald stone. It was much later that the need to create the method of stair steps or the hall of mirror effect was implemented in diamonds as well.
The emerald cut that we know of today, contains 57 facets which are divided as 32 facets on the pavilion and 25 facets on the crown. The total number of facets may differ from one particular cut to another, especially in cases where the number of facets change on both the crown and the pavilion. An ideal emerald cut is one that has a length to width ratios anywhere between 1.30 and 1.50. A ratio lower than this will give a squarer look to the diamond, whereas a ratio higher than this will produce a rectangular shape.
Fascinating Facts about Emerald Cut Diamonds:

  • Emeralds  has tapered edges which act as a great advantage as this does not make them prone to chipping or pose as an obstacle in day to day activities.
  • They are way more affordable than the other fancy cuts available. An emerald of similar carat, color, clarity will be half a price of a round brilliant cut diamond.
  • Due to the shallow depth of the cut, the diamond appears much larger. Hence, a 1.0 carat emerald diamond will appear larger than a 1.0 carat round brilliant cut diamond. The former will have 5% greater surface area than the latter.
  • The emerald cut is famous for its beautiful long facets or what is also referred to as the hall of mirror effect. This type of cut is not for those who are looking for a high amount of fire and brilliance.
  • Though the cut sacrifices the fire and brilliance, it throws much light on the clarity, luster and polish of the stone.
  • The elongated shape of the emerald cut, makes the wearer’s finger appear a tad longer and slender.
Tips to Buy Emerald Cut Diamond:

The large facets will magnify even the slightest imperfections in the emerald diamond like blemishes, inclusions and color flaws. Thus, one should purchase high quality emerald cut diamonds. Before buying an emerald cut diamond, remember that it is a cut that compromise on the fire and brilliance for those lovely long and attractive facets. GIA, AGS, EGL and IGI are some of the reputed diamond laboratories and only their certification should be considered while purchasing a diamond.

Emerald Cut Diamonds

Does an Emerald Cut Diamond Appear Bigger Than Its Carat Size?

Size advantage is one of the reasons that drive diamond buyers into the fancy cut section of the gallery. Emerald is one of those cuts that offer this certain advantage to the buyers. Having an elongated shape, the emerald cut diamonds have a larger top surface. That helps produce larger than carat size effect.

Compared to a round brilliant cut, the emerald offers a significant size advantage. Two stones of the same carat and two cuts, namely round and emerald will look very different to the eyes. The emerald cut makes a stone look distinctly bigger than the brilliant cuts or even most fancy cuts. Thanks to its oblong shape, emerald cut diamonds also make fingers appear longer and shapelier. Thus, if you are looking for a cut that offers a visible size advantage to other cuts, emerald is your cut.

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