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On Lab-Created Diamonds:

Lab created diamonds, like natural diamonds, are made of carbon and therefore have the same crystal and chemical properties. These stones made in laboratories have identical sparkle, fire and scintillation which make them inseparable from the mined variety. But there is one advantage that is noteworthy with the man made versions. It is the value. Lab created diamonds offer great value for money. So, if you want more bang for your buck, it’s lab grown diamonds you want to go with. Of the two, the ones created in the lab are not only more affordable, but are also a more responsible choice.

Lab created diamonds make your
engagement ring cheaper and yet is has an actual diamond that was lab grown.


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Lab Created diamond ring
0.90 carat Lab diamond solitaire engagement ring

Are They Real?

But the subject of lab grown diamonds is riddled with questions. The one question that is tossed around often is “Are grown diamonds real?”. This question covers man made diamonds, CVD diamonds, cultivated diamonds, etc. since they are all one and the same.
A short and direct answer to the question above would be yes.
An elaborate version would be this. Lab grown and natural diamonds are the same except for a couple points of difference. One of those is the place of origin. Natural diamonds occur outside whereas man made (la ) diamonds grow inside vacuum sealed chambers in state of the art laboratories.
Does this alter the process of formation? No, the real process is replicated blow by blow in the labs so as to ensure that the products are similar to natural diamonds, chemically, optically and physically.

GIA spokesperson Stephen Morisseau faces the questions surrounding lab grown diamonds head on. He says, “Lab created diamonds are not fakes. They’re not cubic zircon. They have all the same physical and chemical properties of a mined diamond.”
However, the doubts and confusions surrounding man made diamonds (created/grown) are not entirely baseless. The problem stems from the name “synthetic diamond”. In arguably inaccurate, this name is the reason for some people to conclude that these diamonds are fake.

Grading and Certification of Lab Diamonds:

The process in which synthetic, grown, created diamonds are graded and certified is no different than any natural earth mined diamonds. The diamonds are shipped to the grading laboratories where their 4Cs are determined and based on their findings, the diamonds are graded.
The process is carried out by a team of trained and certified gemologists. All stones are independently tested. The individual grades determine what the final grade of the stone would be. The grading process is purposed to evaluate diamonds free of biases.
A diamond can get different grades from the same lab when graded twice, or from different labs due to their differences in standards. It’s not uncommon for the differences to show up.
This has led to a lot of contention in the masses. Buyer soften debate over which lab offers more reliable grading results than others and so ultimately which lab to trust. Although GIA stands as the undisputed leader among diamond grading laboratories, you must bear in mind the fact that all labs have their up and downsides.
It is up to a diamond retailer to decide which lab they will get their stones graded by. In most cases, retailers go with labs they personally trust to grade fairly. Regardless of their choice of labs, retailers offer to answer any questions than a customer may have to gain their full trust.

Lab Created Diamonds VS Mined Diamonds:

As the argument on lab grown VS mined diamonds get hotter and hotter, all concerned parties must remember that the lab-grown one is the cheaper version. As a shopper, your aim should be to land that one diamond that is bigger in size and lesser in price. It ultimately comes down to the price, and lab diamonds resolve the price problem by bringing to the market great and pocket-friendly alternatives.

Lab grown rough diamonds
Lab created rough diamonds are later cut
to Lab grown polished diamonds

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