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Cushion cut diamond:

The Cushion Cut diamond was evolved from the "Old Mine Cut" that was developed before the turn of the century. A cushion cut is square to rectangular cut with rounded corners and 58 brilliant facets that resemble a pillow shape, hence the name. The recent popularity for cushion cuts began some years ago, and the demand has increased as designers and Vintage dealers continue to use them. Cushion cut diamond looks especially nice in Vintage settings so are a great choice if that is the type of ring you are seeking.

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     Cushion cut diamonds, loose and set  

A diamond cut that will always be lauded for its timeless appeal is the cushion cut diamond. Born with a uniquely different style of cut, which bespeaks of its intricate nature, the cushion cut diamond is a beautiful bonding of the traditional and contemporary. The name itself is enough to signify the subtle nature of the cut. Resembling the look and soft nature of a pillow or cushion, the cushion cut  as it has thus been named, is either square or rectangular in shape with rounded corners. They are also known by the name ‘candlelight diamond’.

The 19th century saw traces of the cushion cut diamond. Due to the fact that it was basically a cross between the old mine cut and the
modern oval cut, they were considered to be the most sought after diamond cuts in the 19
th century. They continued to climb the ladder of popularity well into the 20th century. Ever since the cushion cuts took birth, it underwent a series of transformation thanks to the launching of new technologies and sophisticated tools. Today, we have a beautiful diamond, uniquely styled and meticulously created. It is also one of the most sought after cuts, we have today.

The cushion cut possess an average number of 60 facets and may come in either square or rectangular shape. A cushion cut diamond of length-to-width ratio of 1.0 is considered the most ideal. Those which have a ratio higher than 1.05 bears the rectangular shape.

Fascinating Facts about Cushion Cut Diamond:

  • The cushion cut is considered to be the oldest of all the fancy cut diamonds. It is apparently over 300 years old.

  • It comes in a wide variety of facet patterns and are known either as ‘Cushion Brilliant’,or ‘Modified Cushion Brilliant’

  • The soft edges of a cushion cut diamond is blessed with a unique ability to capture and return a wide spectrum of candlelight colors.

  • The ‘sparkling water’ and the ‘crushes ice’ effect is a common occurrence in a modern cushion cuts.

  • If a cushion cut has large facets and because of this, the inclusions and blemishes present in the stone become a lot more prominent.

  • Because of its rounded edges, the cushion diamonds are not prone to chipping nor does it pose as an obstacle in one’s day to day activities.

  • The cushion has been originally designed to deliver sparkle and shimmer under the effect of candlelight.

Tips to Buy a Cushion Diamond:

Cushion cut diamond is an ideal choice for someone who is looking for an eye-catchy bling. Since the cushion cut diamond has large facets, it will highlight even the slightest tints of color, inclusions and blemishes present. Hence, it is recommended to go for a cushion cut diamond of high quality and grades. Lastly, ensure that you buy cushion cut diamond that has been certified by well established laboratories like EGL, AGS, IGI, IGL and GIA.

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Compare ShapeCaratColorClarity CutCertificatePriceDetails
CushionCushion 0.29GSI1 Ideal EGL USD 275 View
CushionCushion 0.31GSI1 Excellent EGL USD 399 View
CushionCushion 0.40GVS2 Very Good EGL USD 400 View
CushionCushion 0.29FVS1 Ideal EGL USD 400 View
CushionCushion 0.31HVS1 Very Good EGL USD 408 View
CushionCushion 0.31FSI1 Ideal EGL USD 415 View
CushionCushion 0.34EVS1 Ideal EGL USD 415 View
CushionCushion 0.31FSI1 Ideal EGL USD 415 View
CushionCushion 0.40HVS2 Very Good EGL USD 416 View
CushionCushion 0.30DVS1 Very Good EGL USD 426 View
CushionCushion 0.35DVS2 Ideal EGL USD 450 View
CushionCushion 0.40FVVS1 Very Good EGL USD 475 View
CushionCushion 0.35FVS1 Excellent EGL USD 490 View
CushionCushion 0.35DVS1 Very Good EGL USD 490 View
CushionCushion 0.39FVS1 Very Good Diamonds-USA USD 495 View
CushionCushion 0.35FVS1 Ideal EGL USD 500 View
CushionCushion 0.77LVS1 C.E Very Good EGS/EGL USD 525 View
CushionCushion 0.41FVS1 Very Good EGL USD 546 View
CushionCushion 0.50DSI1 Very Good EGL USD 549 View
CushionCushion 0.37EVVS2 Very Good EGL USD 550 View
CushionCushion 0.34EVVS2 Very Good EGL USD 550 View
CushionCushion 0.34DVS1 Very Good EGL USD 550 View
CushionCushion 0.35DVS2 Very Good EGL USD 608 View
CushionCushion 0.71GSI2 Ideal EGL USD 620 View
CushionCushion 0.36DVVS2 Very Good EGL USD 650 View
CushionCushion 0.45ESI1 Very Good EGL USD 665 View
CushionCushion 0.37DVVS2 Very Good EGL USD 670 View
CushionCushion 0.90NSI2 C.E Ideal EGS/EGL USD 695 View
CushionCushion 0.41FVS2 Very Good EGL USD 697 View
CushionCushion 1.06PVVS2 C.E Very Good EGS/EGL USD 700 View
Page 1 of 38 (1136 total) 1 2 3 4 5 > ... >>
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