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Diamond Necklaces

Please notice! We can do any necklace out of a picture, complimentary designing.

We at Diamonds-usa.com use only high quality melee diamonds they are 70% Ideal-Cut and 30 % Very-Good cut for maximum brilliance! The average color & clarity is G VS2.  

Diamonds add timeless beauty to a woman’s being. Her uniqueness gets a new dimension with a diamond, gifted with pride and love. That is enough to build her image, respecting her individuality. Diamond necklaces could be the best gift for the woman of your love, but you have to choose them carefully. Ensure that they match their personality and choice. If they are working, buy them something sleek, and if they like the flashy ones, buy them something gorgeous.
As precious they are, ensure that their style is good enough to highlight the beauty of lady in your life. So, here are a few tips to choose the best diamond necklaces:

Determine a budget:

First set a budget and decide how much flexible you can be. If you are intending to buy something expensive, plan your savings ahead in time. However, remember, diamonds are available in various price ranges. So, you may not need planning in the first place.

Choose the chain metal length and center piece with care:

Do not let budget determine your choices. If you have money for the diamond, buy one and let the metal chain take a backseat for the time being. However, do not compromise on the quality of the metal chain as it should be made of precious metals like gold and platinum. Apart from these, you can also use silver for the chain.

Take care of the 4Cs of diamond:

Diamond color, carat, clarity, and cut are the four things that need to be considered before investing in the expensive buy. The color of the diamond determines its grade. Therefore, Diamond carats are based on the size of the diamond; larger the stone, greater the value. The value of the diamond is also determined by its clarity- the lesser the clarity, the lower the price. Diamond cut also forms an important part of the pricing. The cuts range from poor to Ideal-Cut. Don not settle on less than Very-Good cut.
You can also decide on the design or the center piece you wish to buy; whether you want to buy Diamonds key, diamonds heart, Diamonds stare burst, or the grand Diamond tennis necklace. The chain should be 1 to 1.5 mm wide. Also ensure that they are of the right length. Usually 18".

Buying diamonds necklaces online

Buying necklaces online could be a bit risky, especially when you are not seeing it physically. However, buying them from popular sites or from diamond companies themselves is a safer bet. But, before taking any decision, it is best to email the diamond merchants and verify the prices, the carat, the color and the delivery charges. Also, speak to them about the guarantee and the exchange or return option, in case you do not like the product that you got.
To sum it all, it is important to decide judiciously how to buy the diamond, keeping all the above-mentioned factors in mind. Be it anniversary or her birthday, a diamond necklace can truly make her day. After all, ‘Diamonds are a girl’s best friend’.
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