The Enduring Appeal of Vintage Engagement Rings

The Enduring Appeal of Vintage Engagement Rings, News 10

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The time less enduring appeal of vintage engagement rings has compelled many brides to own such an exclusive item on their engagement or wedding. While procuring an original vintage will be difficult and may not be in a good form, buying a vintage styles ring can solve all the problems. You will have a lovely looking vintage engagement ring but a new one and in good shape. The feeling of wearing something imbued with the appearance of a different era is unmatched. Designers are making it easy for buyers to buy vintage engagement rings. Cuts like cushion,rose, emerald and Asscher are close to the vintage era while single or double diamond pave halo emphasizing the diamond creates an heirloom look and feel to the rings.

Around brilliant cut diamond with a micro pave halo has a definitive vintage effect while the 3 diamond or 5 diamonds Art-Deco inspired rings spell vintage through every pore. 

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