Engagement Rings and their Changing Faces

Engagement Rings and their Changing Faces, News 25

Saturday, May 02, 2015

Engagement Rings and their Changing Faces

Engagementrings always follow fashion, trends and of course personal style. Lot ofexperiments are done with engagement rings to suit the tastes of would bebrides. A bunch of jewelry designers are experimenting with nature inspireddesigns and have come up with a wide array of designs which range from structuralto whimsical. Inspired by colors of ocean, knife-edge, contemporary and vintagethey are creating fine jewelry pieces with diamond melee. To top it all, thedesigners are using ethically mined gemstones and metals to create gorgeous pieceswith splash of colors. Mythology is also serving as a rich source ofinspiration for the designers who are creating feminine designs of high qualitybridging the gap between past and present and also enabling enthusiasts todream about future. 

pic picpic
Chocolate Diamond                    Yellow Diamond                             Blue  Diamond

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