Abstract Art into Magnificent Fine Jewelry Pieces

Abstract Art into Magnificent Fine Jewelry Pieces, News 32

Monday, June 15, 2015

Abstract Art into MagnificentFine Jewelry Pieces

Abstract work of art has always influenced jewelry designers and intrigued us. Now the designers are translating the abstractness of a painter’s canvas into fine jewelry that is master creation. A unique item among the collection is a ring which is studded with colorful diamonds in the shape of a freshly cut succulent fruit.With quite a summery feel to it, the ring is crafted from yellow gold and has a1.6 ct yellow brown Marquise cut diamond as the center stone while cognac, orange, green,purple diamonds are surrounding it to provide the image of a fresh fruit.

The magic of clouds is aroused by the beautiful pendant made from yellow gold depicting the sun peeking out of diamond and sapphire studded clouds. A princess cut diamond ring framed into layers of yellow diamonds, rubies and sapphires is avant-garde in nature. The highlight of the abstract art collection is a geometrically shaped labyrinth ring made from white gold and embellished with diamonds. 


Maxim V Caravaggio high jewelry ring in yellow gold, set with a 1.62ct yellow-brown

Marquise-cut diamond, purple, green,cognac and orange diamonds. The original

Michelangelo Caravaggio artwork – the first still life in the history of painting – inspired

Maxim Voznesensky to create the Caravaggio collection of precious fruits. 


Maxim V Labyrinth ring from the Avant-Garde ring collection,
set with a princess-cut diamond surrounded by pavé rubies,
sapphires and yellow diamonds. Like paintings, the Avant-Garde
collection is designed to echo the great Russian abstract artists of
the 20th century. 

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