Engagement ring trends Summer 2015

Engagement ring trends Summer 2015, News 37

Monday, July 06, 2015

Round Cut Diamond Still Rules the Roost

WhileChristmas is still the ideal time for engagement, round is still the most trendingcut in terms of a diamond engagement ring. Trends are changing gradually, but theclassic and brilliant round cut diamond engagement ring can still give all the othersa run for their money. The round is followed by cushion and princess cut which alwaysseem to fight for a second spot. Emerald cuts are getting popular day by day inlarger sizes like 2 carats and above. For the average fashion conscious people,the round cut diamond engagement ring still seems like a feasible idea.

However,rose-cut and vintage cut rings which are extremely interesting in shape arealso getting noticed after the round, cushion and princess frenzy. Pear shaped diamondwhich appears vintage on horizontal setting can provide a modern look to anotherwise traditional rings.


Rose Gold HaloEngagement ring


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