Shailene Woodley’s Classic Dazzler Accessory from Aaron Rogers

Shailene Woodley’s Classic Dazzler Accessory from Aaron Rogers, News 421

Friday, April 23, 2021
 The two being together was no news as they have often been spotted together in the past few months. However, the engagement came as a surprise to most as both have been very tight-lipped about their relationship in the past.
The news of engagement didn’t directly come to the fans until some time had passed. After Woodley was photographed wearing a rock in her ring finger, it was finally confirmed by reliable sources that the two have been engaged a while.
It was on Jimmy Fallon’s late-night show that Woodley finally did the grand unveiling of her pretty new accessory. The first glimpse of the sparkler dropped the jaws of the audience for two reasons, it was the first time she publicly confirmed her engagement to her footballer boyfriend and second, of course, the ring.
As the camera rolled, she kept flashing her pretty rock throughout her conversation with the host. For those of you waiting for the ball drop, the pretty sparkler Aaron proposed with a sparkling diamond number featuring a brilliant round diamond on a dainty white band. While Woodley gave us ample shots of her new engagement ring during the show and later, the details remained unknown.
Celebrated jewelers and experts around the world took their shot at approximating the specs of the stunning number that has her whole fan base talking non-stop. The ring a solitaire features a fair size diamond which is speculated to be somewhere between 4 and 5 carats. It was confirmed to be a round brilliant cut and the band platinum. So what’s this pretty piece worth? Word is it’s somewhere north of $90,000.
Shailene Woodley’s engagement ring is a classic one that is abundant in elegance and style, both of which constitute her personality as a whole. It may not be in the league of Paris Hilton and Ariana Grande’s million-dollar sparker swathed with diamonds all over, but it is the kind of ring that has a class of its own. If you have respect for simplicity and is gravitated to jewelry that is minimal yet attractive then Woodley’s ring could fill you up with inspirations.

We are soon hoping to see similar-looking rings land the shelves.

Shailene Woodley’s & Aaron Rogers
Shailene Woodley& Aaron Rogers

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