Chris Sheng and Courtney Stodden are engaged

Chris Sheng and Courtney Stodden are engaged, News 425

Sunday, August 08, 2021

She’s got bling on it. Yes, Celebrity Big Brother star Courtney Stod Engagementden is officially off the market. The Big Brother alum dropped it officially on Instagram in May that she is now engaged to her boyfriend of 4 years, Chris Sheng. 

The post comprised a Boomerang in which Stodden flashes a colossal diamond ring saying, “I said yes… OH and the ring made gag it’s so beautiful”. And if you took a passing glance at the diamond ring, you’d agree with her too. The engagement ring that Sheng proposed with is off the charts. It is a ginormous diamond sparkler featuring a massive chunky diamond at the center.

the ring

It is no news that Chris Sheng and Courtney Stodden are together. The two have dated on and off for four years. However, things haven’t always been smooth for the duo. They have got together, drifted off, and got back together again. However, this time around Sheng finally decided to pop the question and make her his, and Sheng did pick just the best ring to propose. Sheng is a successful entrepreneur, producer, and director at the age of 41. 

Recently, Stodden, 26, a model that came out as non-binary made the news. Right after that, her engagement to her long-time boyfriend made an even bigger splash as waves of congratulations, and good wishes came in from fans and supporters. 

Up close, the sparkler is a blinding piece of craftsmanship. It is gigantic. The sparkly number features a big cushion-cut engagement ring placed at the center, the size of which is no less than 8 carats at least. The colossal diamond at the center comes wrapped with a thin ring of micro diamonds. This neat paved line forms a smug border around the center stone, thus further enhancing the razzle-dazzle of the chunky diamond.

Although details about the ring are still far from available, some experts took a shot at guess estimating the specifications of the engagement ring. About the carat size, everybody who made a guess agreed that it’s well above 8 carats at least. The additional diamonds on the rim add to the carat weight. The ring seems curved in platinum, but it could also be white gold. 

The band is quite skinny, and that further enhances the size and sparkle of the centerpiece. The band appears to be unpaved and free of any details that seem to let the diamond shine and steal all the attention.

Although her ring is not unlike many other celebrity engagement sparklers, it still does not fail to amaze the viewers. The sheer size of it and the glamour of the style take the cake. Since their engagement, the couple has been sighted in public more than once, and each time, Stodden was spotted sporting her giant sparkler, which matched perfectly with her cheery personality. 
We wish the couple a happy engagement and a prompt wedding soon. 

Chris Sheng and Courtney Stodden

Chris Sheng and Courtney Stodden atre engaged

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