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Fancy Colored , News 44

Sunday, November 01, 2015

Fancy Colored Diamonds and Baguettes have Couples Hooked

Colorful diamonds have gained an all time high popularity this year. Wedding rings with fancy colored diamonds and various cuts and shapes are in high demand because people want them to be individualistic and unique 3 stone rings have grown in popularity because they have diamonds and other gemstones paired with them enhancing the sparkle of thering. The infectious radiance of diamond and the other gemstones are mesmerizing couples. Along with fancy colored diamonds, baguettes have also made a comeback.The step faceted rectangular baguettes have become the most popular option for diamond accents in engagement rings.

Baguettes look classically beautifuland look great on thin bands. Shimmering pave diamond accents has overshadowed the baguettes for some time but this year they are back with a bang.




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