Diamonds and Morganites- the Formidable Pair in Jewelry Designing

Diamonds and Morganites- the Formidable Pair in Jewelry Designing, News 62

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Jewelry designers are celebrating the pair of diamonds and morganites by creating a wide range of jewelry items like rings, earrings and pendants. Morganite can bring a romantic touch to an item when set in rose gold while an icy white washed touch when set in white gold or platinum along with white diamonds. This changing face of Morganite has been captured beautifully and flawlessly by jewelry designers pairing it up with diamonds in various colors and shapes. Morganites are supplied to the world from Brazil which is a land well known for its reservoir of colorful gemstones. Most of the jewelry pieces combining diamonds and morganites are inspired from the vibrant landscape of Brazil which is a mix of traditional and modern elements.

Geometric shapes, bold and colorful stones are the hallmark of these jewelry items. A particularly unique piece is a pair of drop earrings with colorful Morganites along with white and black diamonds combining the natural shades along with modern lines. This unique pairis truly feminine fully capable of seducing the onlooker. Truly representing the romanticism of Morganite is a ring which has a twisted shape set with shards of white diamonds surrounding oval and round cut pink Morganites.

Whether it’s a floral brooch or a near pin, diamonds in various shapes and double layers bring out the beauty and femininity of Morganites to its fullest. The ancient Phoenician Kingdom inspired brooch looks totally ethereal with diamonds and morganite briolettes while the Damask rose brooch in its height of craftsmanship displays fine features of the flower in pink morganite wrapped in white diamonds. An almost same concept has been fantastically executed in a pair of drop earrings with pearshaped Morganites surrounded by white diamonds completed with a butterfly motif. 

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