The rounded Pave Engagement rings with side Pave set diamonds

The rounded Pave Engagement rings with side Pave set diamonds, News 63

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Engagement rings with side Pave set diamonds- Made for Each Other.

Pave diamond bands have always been a favorite of diamond ring lovers. Since ages they have helped love struck beaus win the hearts of their beloved. The most popular designs among them are the rounded, three-tired and braided pave diamond bands which not only make the center stone look awesome but also add an innovation to the design. A cushion cut diamond in the center looks perfect with a round pave diamond band making the center stone the highlight of the piece. The three-tier pave diamond band provides extra sparkle to the show stopper while the braided pave diamond band  is a subtle way to make the solitaire appear exclusive.

Originated in France, the pave setting became instantly famous because it adds extra glamour to a ring. The rounded pave diamond band is a narrow band with a single row of diamonds and thus highlights the center stone in a beautiful fashion. On the other hand, the braided or the three-tired bands are multiple bands with rows of diamonds set to create a wonderful impression on the onlooker. The ring of course dazzles beautifully and the center stone becomes is integrated into the design captivating the onlookers and the wearer equally.

Picture of diamonds ring. Imagen del anillo de diamantes                                                Picture of diamonds ring. Imagen del anillo de diamantes

All these pave diamond band rings are priced differently due to the presence of multiple stones. The price is determined by the total carat weight of the accumulated diamonds set on the rings. Therefore, couples belonging to the various strata of socio-economic aspect can buy according to their choices. For a romantic bride the braided pave diamond ring is more suitable because it looks dreamy while for the modern independent woman the rounded pave diamond band with a solitaire. The three-tired one can be good for the vintage lovers and also for the lovers of unique rings.


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