Spring, Flowers Diamonds and Precious Gemstones- Most Inspiring Combination

Spring, Flowers Diamonds and Precious Gemstones- Most Inspiring Combination, News 64

Monday, February 29, 2016

Spring is here and we celebrate thisseason of beauty and romance with the best of nature inspired diamond jewelrypieces. Diamonds along with other precious gemstones and flowers have alwaysfueled the creative minds and inspired the jewelry designers to come up withfascinating items for the jewelry lovers. The beautiful bouquet of floraljewelry will lift the spirits of even the most non romantic persons. Wherethere is spring, flowers and gemstones, there will be birds taking the spirits ofnatural beauty at a sublime level. The hummingbird Hopi is served in the formof a ring with savoring the nectar of tropical hibiscus flower set in diamonds andpink sapphires.


The true representation of the fresh springseason can be found in a diamond and yellow sapphire ring in the shape of daisyflower. The flower apparently looks ordinary but comes out with beautiful colorsas it is cast into a ring with precious gemstones. Bright and smiling, thewhite pear shaped diamonds and yellow sapphire ring will definitely lift upanybody’s spirit; it is flawless. Moreover, the band is painted green, theshade found in leaves during spring time.


Now, to celebrate the month ofromance jewelers have also come with a lovely twist in the form of a red rose newlybloomed in springtime to express love for the lovebirds. The ring captures theclassic beauty in amber with valuable gold petal in diamond pave. From red wecome to blue- the blue of aquamarine matching the rolling waters of the deep oceans.The beautiful diamonds, aquamarine and turquoise necklace brings in a freshbreath of air and also an image of the oceans inducing tranquility in ourminds. This sublimely sparkling necklace in blue rose will captivate you withall its charm. 


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