Laid Back Chic is the New Trend

Laid Back Chic is the New Trend , News 65

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Laid Back Chic is the New Trend Along with Blossom Shaped Fine Jewelry

Laid back trick is the trend spotted in Paris Fashion Week and is predicted by experts to rule the fashion world for some time. Among all the jewelry collection displayed, one was that upheld nature inspired designs like the blossoms. The blossoms themed jewelry is light in weight, elegant looking offering the ease of wearing with different attires and also paired up with other jewelry. The long sautoir-style necklace or the blossom earrings are beautiful, breezy and encourage wearers to use them with a long evening dress or a short cropped one in the morning. In fact, the greatest fun with single earring is that you can mix it up with any other whenever you want.  
The bracelets and the rings are also elegant, delicate and dainty with diamonds and mother-of-pearl set in them to make them more alluring. However, these chic items can be stacked with other rings or just worn individually like the diamond bracelet in tiger’s eye theme which loosely wraps around the wrist with a diamond flower in the center attracting all the attention in the party. Even the long necklaces of the collection are sleek and light in weight making it feel like a second skin to the wearer.
The best part about these jewelry items is that you will never go overboard with them; will always remain understated chic. The grey mother-of-pearl and white diamonds combination for the bracelet appears warm radiating lovely colors. It is totally French chic. Moreover, each of the stone is hand-carved with glossy finish to add more volume to the jewels. The diamond disc and mother-of-pearl necklace is glamorous and understated chic at the same time offering a lovely blend of timeless yet modern design for the modern urban woman.


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