Sotheby’s Spring 2016 Auction

Sotheby’s Spring 2016 Auction, News 67

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Diamond Jewelry Sold at Staggering Prices at Sotheby’s Spring Auction

All of us are aware of Sotheby auctionsand the jewelries galore at the auctions. The spring auction for Sotheby's justgot over and this time also a few enchanting diamond pieces soar high in the skyof the auction world fetching staggering prices for their unmatched aura. TheFine Jewels auction was closed at £3.6 million and many jewels exceeded theirpre-sale price anticipation. The most talked about among all the other jewels wasa fancy intense yellow diamond ring which was estimated at £45,000-65,000 but was sold for £77,500.

This was not the only one to have achieved saleprice beyond expectation. There were other diamond and sapphire combined pieceswhich performed in the same manner. One ring and the other a bracelet fetched £112,500and £87,500 respectively. If you thought this was the end, think twice because anotherstunning diamond ring also exceeded its pre-sales price anticipation.  This ring with a 3.04 carat pear-cut diamond inthe center with tapered diamond shoulders was one of the most charming pieces atthe auction. It was estimated to fetch around £30,000 but finally garnered £40,000.

A clip earrings and brooch set crossed itspre-sales expectation and fetched £11,875. Crafted from diamonds, corals and jadeits,the suit looked intriguing. On the other hand a diamond moonstone necklace whichlooked soothing and sophisticated garnered an amount of £87,500. This was the mostunderstated chic piece at the auction. Most of the jewelry items with precious stoneswere sold for a price that had exceeded the expectations in a large way at thespring auction of Sotheby’s indicating that the future auctions also holdsomething interesting in store both in terms of jewelry items and prices. Thistime it was a fine mix of vintage and modern jewelry designs.

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