Some call it Pink Gold some call it the Rose Gold

Some call it Pink Gold some call it the Rose Gold, News 72

Monday, September 05, 2016

Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Some call it Pink Gold. some call it the Red Gold while some call it the Rose Gold. Enjoying an exponentially growing popularity, rose gold can be a stylish addition to your jewelry collection. After all, nothing says summer like rose gold and diamonds!




Red Gold is an alloy of gold and copper. As the name suggests, it has a warm pink hue that adds to the brilliance of a diamond. More and more people are inclining towards this rare combination. Dating back to the 19th century; rose gold traces itsinitial fashionable indulgence in Russia. At that time, it was aptly called the Russian Gold. It’s quite obvious this uncommon alloy enjoyed a very specific class of gold lovers. It was during the Victorian Era when its popularity spread like never before.

But it was in the early 1920’s when Cartier made their uber famous “Trinity” ring. It was not a single ring,though, rather it comprised of three interconnected bands made in yellow, white and rose gold. The ring was endorsed by the Luminary writer Jean Cocteau. As amatter of fact, it was Cocteau who asked Cartier for this rare design. He used to wear this ring in is left pinkie.


Interestingly, rose gold suffered a decline in its popularity in 1930’s. It was the time of history when platinum was emerging as a favorite metal for engagement rings and all sorts of diamond jewelry. But fate had something else in mind. In 1939, Hitler ordered his troops to invade Poland. And this is when the times changed for everyone and everything.

During WWII, platinum was considered a mineral extremely vital in war efforts. And thus, many countries restricted, and some even banned its use for civilians. And thus, gold became popular once again; and rose gold found its lost aficionados returning.

Fast forward the time to thisday, and you see Rose gold has become a favorite among every hopeless romantic when it comes to making engagement rings in this variety. The shades vary from orange-yellow to dusky pink to the more prominent red-orange. Whenever you see a celebrity wearing a rose gold ring on the Red Carpet, you are looking at the pink variety.

According to fashion experts, the pink hue of this Gold and Copper alloy matches all color tones and skin types. Unlike its yellow and white varieties, rose gold doesn’t have that “bling”, soit beautifully complements the elegance of the feminine beauty.

We can do any of our jewel models in Rose Gold 14K or 18K Gold. These two varieties of gold bring out the best of the pink hue and make the diamond stand out like nothing else in this world!


Men who are looking for the best diamond engagement ring for the love of their lives, we suggest you go for the rose gold rings as they’ll not only sweep her off her feet with happiness; but she will also appreciate your taste when it comes to choosing jewelry for a woman.Take notes, all the best!

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