Rare, Exclusive Violet and Pink Diamonds

Rare, Exclusive Violet and Pink Diamonds , News 75

Thursday, October 06, 2016

The 2016 Tender Collection presented atthe Hong Kong Gems and Jewelry Fair is a magnificent display of diamond colors, clarity and size. The collection exhibits63 unique diamonds which belong to Rio Tinto’s Argyle Pink Diamonds. Thehighlight of the collection is a beautiful, exquisite violet diamond which isthe largest in size ever unearthed from the Argyle mine. It also happens to be thelargest diamond in the fair this year in Hong Kong. The CEO of Rio Tinto Copper& Diamonds said that they were delighted to present to the world the rarestand most exclusive piece of diamond. Moreover, this is their 32ndappearance and it has been made special by the presence of the violet diamond,a rare gem.

The Chroma Collection features 57pink diamonds, 2 violet diamonds and 4 red diamonds weighing a total of 58.24carats which is a matter of pride for them and a matter of interest for theother participants and buyers at the fair. 5 out of these diamonds have beentermed as ‘hero diamonds’ because these are unique and are expected tocontribute to the brilliance of diamonds in a major way and go down in thebooks of history as world’s most important diamonds. These are:

Argyle Violet- 2.83 carat fancy deep grayish bluishviolet oval shaped diamond


ArgyleAria- 1.09 carat fancy red oval shaped diamond


·        Argyle Viva- 1.21 carat fancy vivid purple-pink pearshaped diamond


·        Argyle Ultra- 1.11 carat fancy dark gray-violet pear shapeddiamond


This diamond collection is reallycultivating lot of interest in the global market and also bringing ininternational collectors who are looking to build assets. The Blossom isanother million dollar Argyle pink diamond ring turning heads with 6 pink and violetdiamonds.

The Latest Yield of Lulo Diamond Mine is a Beautiful Pink Diamond

Lulo mine in Angola yielded itslargest pink diamond extracted by Lucapa Diamond Company this month. The roughpink diamond weighs 38.6 carats and is the largest fancy colored diamondyielded by Lulo mine in Angola. This mine has heavy amount of alluvial depositsand hence is a rare producer of such unique colored diamonds. Earlier the mine hadyielded a pink diamond weighing 28.5 carats. The one extracted recently has beatenthe last light pink diamond yielded by the same mine. Along with this pinkdiamond, the company has unearthed 2 yellow diamonds.

These yellow diamonds weigh 11.9 and 10.9carats respectively. The entire package was sold for $4.4 million last week. Theprice is considerably good because the package contains fancy colored diamonds.Lulo mine in Angola has produced some of the largest rough diamonds in theworld. The largest and heaviest one weighed 404 carats which cannot be comparedto any other stone in Angolan diamond mining history. That diamond fetched $16million. In July, Lulo yielded around 59 sparkling diamonds each of which weighmore than 10.8 carats. Hence, Lulo has already made history and stillcontinuing with its yield of beautiful, sparkly and dazzling gemstones that areheavier than most other stones.   


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