The engagement story of Jon and Cassandra

The engagement story of Jon and Cassandra, News 79

Saturday, November 19, 2016

The engagement story of Cassandra & Jon

My fiancé Jonathon and I havebeen dating for the past 5 years now. On our 6th anniversary of whenhe first asked me out, we decided to do something special. He took the lead asalways promising to surprise me without something pleasant. I trust him withthe part that involves imagination. He is an artist after all and he is very goodat impromptu plans. Not knowing what to hope, I got ready for the day. Hepicked me up from my place. It was bright sunny day and he drove us towards thebeach. I guessed it was a picnic and a picnic it was, only that is ended in amuch better way.

He has packed the picnic hamperswith sandwiches, pasta salad, barbecue all of which he had cooked himself. Jon,as far as I could tell, is more of a frozen food guy. It’s I who advise him onthe goodness of eating fresh cooked food. So, all that fresh, good smellingfood caught me by surprise.

So, we picked a dry spot close tothe water and spread out the mattress and laid out our stuff. We spent theentire after reading, walking, eating, drinking, chatting, laughing andremembering all the happy moments we have shared in the past 6 years. It was avery special day for the both of us.

Towards the evening, as the sunbegan to lower and touch the horizon, its shadow melting in the blue water, hetook me by my hand and stood me up. We stood facing the sunset before us forminutes. The sky was smearing in brilliant strokes of pink and blue and orangeand purple. Flocks of birds were flying back to their nest and a soft breezecaressed our faces and arms.

After what felt like only amoment, he locked his eyes with mine, and without breaking the contact, gotdown on one of his knee and took out a small, nifty box from his pocket. Myheart started to race, and it almost exploded out of excitement when he openedthe box to reveal the most beautiful ring. I tried not to blink so I don’t missa moment of this wonderful evening.

At length he spoke gently, “Youare the most beautiful girl I have ever known, and I want you to be the onlyone as long as I breathe. Will you say yes if I asked you to be my wife for therest of our lives?”

I bend over and took the ring,and as tears rolled down my cheeks, he hugged me for a whole 2 minutes before Icould express my approval. This happened about 6 weeks back. We have a weddingin 2 weeks’ time. Though things have gotten pretty busy since the anniversaryday because of the preparation and planning for the wedding, we do catch up asoften as possible to tell how much we love each other. 

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