The public engagement proposal of Kiera andd Allan

The public engagement proposal of Kiera andd Allan, News 80

Saturday, November 19, 2016
The proposal story of Kiera and Alan
My proposal was pretty much of a public affair that we often laugh about. Alan sometimes honestly admits that it didn’t go quite the way he had planned, but it was heart-melting for me, nevertheless. So, last year on Thanks Giving, I invited him to have dinner with my family. In my family, it is like a tradition than a feast. We are a big family and even though we live apart from most of the years, it is on Thanksgiving that we come together as a family and this time, the dinner was held at my place.
Alan and I drove to Plymouth the day before. My brothers and sisters, cousins, nephews and nieces, uncles and aunts, most of them had arrived already to prepare for the big feast the next day. The house was packed and beyond introducing Alan to my insanely big family, I couldn’t at all give him any time. My family gave him a warm welcome and befriended him almost immediately.
He had to run the story of how we met over and over again, countless times during the evening. I couldn’t come to rescue much because I was seeing my family after such a long time and I was totally consumed by the hospitality and the preparation of the big feast the following day.
Next evening, after we had erected the tent and together laid the table we retired to our respective rooms for an hour of rest. Alan and I dressed up for the evening. He was looking exceptionally dashing and I couldn’t hold myself from complimenting him on it. I was feeling proud to walk by his side when we came downstairs. Compliments showered on us and we blushed. Soon we sat ourselves at the table and the toasts began.
To my surprise, the family tradition started with Alan’s toast. I didn’t remember telling him about it, and but everybody seemed very smug about him taking the lead. He stood up holding his glass, looking incredibly smart and raised a toast to me.
I still remember the toast word by word for it is the most touching toast ever raised to me. He smiled shyly at the crowd and thanked them for their warm welcome and the hearty meal that is spread out for the evening. Then he turned to me, and through a mischievous smile said, “Kiera, you are one lucky girl to have such beautiful people to call family. When we first met, I kept wondering the whole time how can a girl have such pretty eyes, and over the past year, the question has changed to how can a person be as lovely and beautiful as you. And now that I know where it all comes from, I can’t stop myself from wanting more than anything else to be a member of this family. Only time can tell how much I love and admire you, but for now, let my proposal speak for how much I want you in my future. So, will you marry me and make me yours?”

The whole crowd cheered as I wiped my tears to say yes.

Kiera S.

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