2.03 Carats Dazzling Diamond Discovered by Father and Daughter

2.03 Carats Dazzling Diamond Discovered by Father and Daughter, News 82

Wednesday, December 14, 2016
2.03 Carats Dazzling Diamond Discovered by Father and Daughter
The Crater of Diamond State Park in Arkansas has again yielded diamond which was discovered by father and daughter on October 3 while roaming around the park. It is a white 2.03 carat diamond and they are excited to find that out. The gemstone was spotted on the side of a plowed furrow at the park. The father, Dan Frederick stated that he had noticed the dazzle of the diamond about 3 feet away from where he stood. His daughter wants to retain the diamond with them but they have not revealed as to what they would like to do with it.
Crater of Diamond State Park in Arkansas is becoming fertile day by day as it had already yielded 7 diamonds which were found by different visitors between September 18th and 25th. Those gemstones ranged between 3 points to 67 points. On 16th September, a visitor from Tennessee discovered a white diamond weighing 1.05 carat. He was excited with his discovery and also said that he found it after searching the surface for only 10 minutes. Moreover, another visitor from Missouri found a large diamond weighing 1.50 carats after searching the site for only 5 minutes. These are discoveries worthy of mention.

Bobbie Oskarson, who had come from Colorado to visit the site, discovered a massive 8.52 carats white diamond while searching the place. The diamond was named after her niece, Esperanza Diamond which in Spanish meant ‘hope’. The Crater of Diamonds State Park is a unique site because it is the world’s only place which yields diamonds and is open for public discovery. The park is located over an eroded lamproite volcanic pipe where the visitors can dig the ground to find small or even big gemstones. More than 25,000 diamonds have been discovered from the park as of now including the famous Kahn Canary Diamond.


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