Padlock Sealing Love, Romance and Style Together

Padlock Sealing Love, Romance and Style Together, News 83

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Padlock as a motif has always been quite popular. This has been designed and redesigned by jewelry designers to create some beautiful, mind blowing pieces of jewelry items out of diamonds, gold and platinum. The collection is interestingly known as ‘lockit’ collection representing the padlock design. The design has an interesting story to it as the couples of old times would use padlock to seal their love and throw the key into water. Hence, the locket is a romantic symbol which has survived through the ages. The unique aspect of the collection is that it comprises of 3 pendants and 2 bracelets.
The pendants and bracelets are made from either pink or white gold and consist of gemstones in sugarloaf cut. This cut is emphasized by a subtle row of diamonds. The ones with pink jadeite and blue chalcedony lined with diamonds appear truly exclusive. These could be lovely gifts for new mothers. The bracelets are lightweight, flexible and appear pretty. With the padlock design on the bracelet and pendant, the item looks beautiful. In fact, a pendant has created with silver to recreate the design as well. The iconic padlock also serves other purposes like offering protection to the children affected by war, natural disasters and disease through UNICEF.

The stylish and legendary padlock design is in high demand already among buyers all over the world. The design or motif is associated with several purposes and is therefore always significant. Some modified while others still appear as the original motif on different pieces of diamond jewelry; the iconic motif is everywhere.


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