Kim Kardashian Robbed

Kim Kardashian Robbed, News 84

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Kim Kardashian Robbed at Gunpoint in the French Capital

The Kardashians need nointroduction, thanks to gossip magazines and page 3 columnists that have closelyfollowed every member of the clan and loyally shared them with their readers,since the Keeping Up With the Kardashiansdays. Very recently, before the media went rave with news and conjectures aboutmarital tension between Kim Kardashian, the second of the four children andKayne West, the iconic rapper of Hollywood, paparazzi covered another potentincident that happened with her.

Kim was robbed off jewels worthmillions at gunpoint at her hotel room in Paris. The French officials revealedthat it was a $9 million robbery to be precisely.


Kim was in Paris to attend theFashion Week event with her sisters. They were staying at a minimum-security holidayapartment where her husband Kayne is a regular, when in town. Right after thedinner and reception of Fashion Week, Kim left with his elder sister Kourtneyfor her apartment. When she was alone in the house after midnight, two menbroke in and held her at gunpoint, demanding her valuables. Kim was tied andgagged as the two men ravaged her luggage and gathered all jewelries.

After filling their bags, thegunmen escaped the premise leaving Kim speechless and traumatized. Her husbandwho was informed about the crime was performing live at a show at that time. Heleft the stage the moment he heard of Kim’s predicament and flew to be by herside through this.

What the burglars have taken withthem is unknown, or at least unspecified by the victim and her spokesperson.Kim has a sizeable collection of unbelievably expensive jewelries, which shewould often showcase on Instagram and other social networking sites. Her fans,religious followers of her style loved these tidbits every now and then. Themarket is rife with replica jewelries from Kardashian collection.


Though not much information couldbe salvaged about the stolen items, the media was told that the number of itemswas 13. That’s significant! Sometime later, it came out that the robbers leftbehind a diamond cross that had decorated Kim’s neck in events she attendeddays before the tragic incident. The platinum-mounted, diamond encrusted crosspendant was found lying on the sidewalk of Paris the following day.

Public reaction intensified whenthe estimated loss score rose from 9 to $11 million in the following days.

In the past, Kim, a socialbutterfly, has often used her social media profiles to exhibit new purchasesfrom her collection. We hope that none of those stunning pieces have been lostin the robbery. Fans around the world are incessantly guessing about the loss.Some are even speculating about the incidents joining a few dots here and thereon some facts and hearsays.

However, irrespective of what’staken and what’s left, we are glad to know that she was unharmed in theprocess. Because, while fineries can be replaced with time, human life ispriceless to those related and others. 

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