Three Stone Diamond Rings

Three Stone Diamond Rings, News 86

Thursday, January 12, 2017
Three Stone Diamond Rings
The love of your life who you see a future with is the one who has stood by you in the journey you made from the past to the present and all the future journeys you will make from this present to the future. So, when you propose to her today, take with you not just your best lines, but also a ring that best defines your relationship. The three stone diamond rings owes its prestige and popularity to this very interpretation. A three stone diamond ring uses three diamonds of equal of varying sizes, each sparkler standing from the past that has been, the present that is and the future that will be. Three stones woven into a band tells of your story from yesterday to tomorrow.
We bring to you a wonderful and aesthetically gratifying collection of three stone diamond rings that sit best as the idea of an anniversary gift.
Owing to the enormity of our catalogue, it is somewhat impossible to present a bird's-eye view. However, for your understanding, we can categorize them in the themes of their styles and designs. Our collection of three stones diamond rings can be broadly categorized under the following heads.
Antique Scrolls: Particularly for those who like to go vintage for their bridal jewelries, this design theme features a lot of curves and coils. Interwoven prongs, trellis setting, upward sweeping of the design, engraved scrolls, accent diamonds, etc., are some of its chief characteristics.

Twisted Vines: This is classic with a touch of modernity. The rings here feature a large central stone with two minor accent diamonds. The bands are intertwined like vines with one of the strands on each side set with pavé diamonds.
Halo: The halo style is glamorous, but so far it has made appearances in single stone rings only. Halo in three stone rings is still a rare concept. However, it is beautiful, shimmery and definitely vibrantly chic.

Petite Trellis work: Those who like it light and simple will love the no-filigree theme. We keep the bands nude so that all eyes are drawn towards the three clunky stones at the center. We like to use a size or two larger than the rings in our other sections to make up for the lack of details. The prongs of these rings are interwoven to create a smug placement of the three stones. Very classic!


Heirloom: If you don’t have an heirloom engagement ring in your family, it doesn’t mean she can’t have one. This section has a plentiful of heirloom rings that are modern but elaborate, gaudy but gorgeous. We keep the designs of this section balanced to the ornate details by embellishing the rings through the shoulders all the way up to the shank.
Radiance: The Radiance rings are bands of light that glow in light and dark alike. They are chic and we brighten them up adding pavé diamond accents all over the band. The stones are made to embrace the ring with claw prongs that do well with the design.

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