From: Patrick M. Dear Diamonds-USA I can

Diamonds-usa review 1346, ...for half the price you would get on the English high street. Ptrick M. U.K

Monday, May 23, 2005

From: Patrick M.


Dear Diamonds-USA
I cannot thankyou enough for the level of service that I received from you during and after my purchase.
 I have to say that I was a little worried about purchasing something so expensive over the internet and it was important that my nerves were settled early on. Indeed the ring I ordered for my girlfriend, now my fianc? cost a large amount  and I needed it within 8 days!!! Whilst I still had a lot of nail biting that it would arrive prior to my trip to New York the continual contact via phone and the responses to my emails that I got from yourselves made the whole process a lot less nerve wracking!!
 When I received the ring  I was gob smacked at how nice it looked, I new I had made the right decision and when I got down on one knee after our helicopter trip over New York I new my girlfriend would be equally as pleased. If I had a pound for everyone she has shown it to or how many times she has looked at it and smiled I could have paid for it twice over by now!!!
 Whilst I think size was more important than quality to my girlfriend I managed to get both for half the price you would get on the English high street.
 So may I take this opportunity to thank you all again. I would definitely recommend your services to all my friends.
Patrick M.
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