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Diamonds-usa review 244, ....... a saving of £6,000 which paid for an extravagant visit to Rome and the proposal.Dave G. U.K

Tuesday, July 05, 2005


Apologies for the late response, things have been a bit hectic.
I would recommend Diamonds USA to anyone who wishes to buy a diamond ring. I researched the prices and quality of rings that were available in the UK and could find nothing that came close to delivering the beauty and value for money that you guys provided. I bought a 1.5 carat Emerald Cut platinum ring that would have cost me £10,000 in the Uk for £4,000....... a saving of £6,000 which paid for an extravagant visit to Rome and the proposal.
The delivery was on time and remarkably quick, just 6 days from date of order. The process is painless and once you get over the initial shock of spending a vast sum of money on the internet, the experience is great. I was kept fully informed of the rings progress and received the 'rock' by my specified date. Jenny is flabbergasted at the quality and beauty of the ring........and the size helps too!
I have already recommended one of my closest friends to Diamonds-USA where he bought a 1 Carat ring and made a similar exchange rate gain.
The staff are friendly and helpful especially when you find out that you ordered 2 rings instead of 1. Basically they realised that I had made an error and got onto to sorting the correct order out straight away. It is worth having a quick chat with your bank or Visa company to ensure that the credit card you use has not got an 'internet' spend limit attached. If you get an error message on progressing payment this is probably what it is referring too. Again, Diamonds USA were helpful as was the bank and the issue was overcome easily by a single phone call from myself.
I keep catching Jenny having a glimpse at her ring and smiling, what more could you ask for!
Thanks, Diamonds USA
Dave Gill (Chester, UK)
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